Whirlpool Dehumidifiers

Consumer ratings favor this industry giant

Whirlpool Corporation makes reliable dehumidifiers. Most Whirlpool products in this category are rated quite highly by consumers.

Whirlpool Products

Whirlpool's A-line of dehumidifiers has met with various reaction. In general, though, it is rated well for its effectiveness.

The Whirlpool AD25BBK Dehumidifier is one of their highest-rated products. It's well liked for the fact that it is efficient, easy to use and relatively quiet. This unit features a bucket capacity of 25 pints and humidistat control. It's small, it's quiet and it comes in for as low as $115.

Whirlpool AD40USR Dehumidifier is well liked by most consumers who have purchased it. It takes in 40 pints of water in a 24 hour period, and it has some nifty electronic controls. This retails for as low as $119 online.

The Whirlpool AD70USR Dehumidifier removes up to 70 pints in a 24-hour period. It's rated highly for its effectiveness but it's also loud, a bit expensive (in the range of $200) and has a tendency to breakdown easily.

The Whirlpool AD40USL Dehumidifier is highly rated for effectiveness in removing moisture from the air. It has also been criticized for being unreliable and prone to break down. In general, this unit is not well liked.

The Whirlpool AD50DSL is a 50-pint dehumidifier featuring the AccuDry system that allows this dehumidifier to cycle on and off regularly, providing better moisture control. It also features an automatic deicer, two speed fan and Energy Star compliance.

Innovation and Conscience

Whirlpool has worked hard to maintain a strong reputation with consumers. In 2002, it recalled its entire Q line of dehumidifiers, in the interest of consumer safety. These had been shown to be a fire hazard. Since that time, Whirlpool has created an online product registry where you can register your product; any recalls or other pertinent information will be automatically emailed to you. Their website is very consumer friendly in terms of dealing with issues such as this.

Since 1999, Whirlpool has donated over 60 thousand appliances to Habitat for Humanity International. Whirlpool Corporation is also routinely listed in the 100 Best Corporate Citizens, in Business Ethics Magazine's annual listings.

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